The World according to
and Diarmuid

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The Coat of Arms
of the Wheatens

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DearFamily and Friends,

My name is Gráinne na Dun na nGall, but you can call me „GRAW-nya.”. I am an Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. In 2009 I got a brother. His name is "Diarmuid" (say "Dear mit").

My huMom and my huDad thought that you might enjoy our biographies as much as they enjoyed (hahaha) their adventures with us. So huMom sat down frequently and wrote them down. Just click on the links below. They will take you to the different chapters.

Our Uncle Philip from Plymouth/ England even composed a lovely tune especially for me, "Princess Gráinne's Jig". Isn't it beautiful?   Want to see me doing agility on “You Tube?” – Click here.

And if you liked to see these pages or want to make any comment:  Why don't you drop me an e-mail?
Thank you! - Love and big slurps - And now scroll down a bit, please.

Gráinne and Diarmuid



Chapter   1: Moving in

Chapter 22: From Beauty Princess to Olympic Candidate

Chapter   2: Developing a personality

Chapter 23: Golden October in Denmark

Chapter   3: Gráinne is 4 months

Chapter 24: Wheaten Meetin 2004 in Stove

Chapter   4: The Puppy Garden Dropout

Chapter 25: Becoming a Canine Good Citizen

Chapter   5: Turning on the fireworks

Chapter 26: Agility is fun

Chapter   6: Princess Gráinne

Chapter 27: The On-/Off-Switch

Chapter   7: The Matted Princess

Chapter 28: Thieveries

Chapter   8: Gráinne in Paradise

Chapter 29: Curses on Cannonballs

Chapter   9: The Philosophy of a Wheaten

Chapter 30: The Competition grows!

Chapter 10: Elephant Hunting

Chapter 31: The (real) Saga of Gráinne and Diarmuid

Chapter 11: Meetin' Wheaten

Chapter 32: Diarmuid's Arrival

Chapter 12: Of Butter, Perfume and Biiig Seagulls

Chapter 33: The Brat Takes Over

Chapter 13: The Bullystick Uproar

Chapter 34: From Court Jester to Prince

Chapter 14: "Mikey, get da Bus!" (Woof talk)

Chapter 35: The Gangster's First Birthday

Chapter 15: Wheaten Meeting in Stove 06/16/02

Chapter 36: Everyone loves a Parade

Chapter 16: World Winner Dog Show Amsterdam

Chapter 37: The Gangster is a Coward!!!!

Chapter 17: "Denmark" stands once stood for "Doggies"

Chapter 38: Diarmuid wins a ribbon

Chapter 18: Wrapping gifts with Wheatens

Chapter 39: Diarmuid loses face - and finds it again

Chapter 19: My 3rd Birthday

Chapter 40: Brrrrraaaaaaaagggg!

Chapter 20: Wheaten Meeting near Berlin

Chapter 41: Brain vs. Brawn

Chapter 21: World Winner Show '03 Dortmund/ Germany

Chapter 42: Jump, Spot, Jump


Chapter 43: Diarmuid Grins


Chapter 44: The Strange Case of Dr. Diarmuid and Mr. Camero


Chapter 45: Ambassadors


Chapter 46: A Farewell to Diarmuid

A Dictionary of Gráinne's Terms

Chapter 47: The Final Chapter

Gráinne's Pedigree


Gráinne's Friends


Diarmuid's Pedigree



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