Chapter 15
(16th June, 2002):

First North German Wheaten Meeting at Stove on the Elbe river

It's been a great Wheaten Summer this year, beginning with the first Wheaten Meetin' near Hamburg in June. Unfortunately Hoosier from the American Embassy couldn't make it due to her busy diplomatic schedule but there were 35 other Wheatens present, including my biological mum Peggy Sue and my friends Paddy and Melba.

Several of us had a fine splash down at the Elbe River. One lady was concerned about my being chased around by a bevy of boys. Little did she know that Tomboy Gráinne adores being the center of a great deal of attention!

Except of course, for grooming purposes. Mummy was flattered when they chose me to model in the trimming presentation and claimed that I had learned to stand still on the hairdresser's table. Hah! Did I ever prove her wrong! It took three women to halfway control Gymnast Gráinne as they rued the day they had picked me.

While I was in the Embarrass-Mummy-and-Daddy mode, I lost the Tailwagging Contest despite having more tail than most of the competitors and got second to last place in the Wheaten Race. That wasn't all my fault, though; no one told me that you have to run forward! Nevertheless I got lots of goodies to add to the ones Mummy's thoughtful students had given her for me at the graduation ball the night before.


And now a handful of photos that do not need any explanation. We all enjoyed a wonderful day und felt like family. A big thank you to Michaela and Michael who put in so much work in preparing the day

That same week Aunt Sarabeth arrived, which meant more attention and help with my snack ball. Next we added Kysha's Mom and Dad: Pete and Venda Schmid from Arizona. They were my folks' first Wheaten friends, while both families were waiting to get their Wheatie babies. Too bad Kysha couldn't come along. I'd have shown her all my favorite haunts and best tricks.           

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