Chapter 16
(5th July, 2002)

At the World Winners Dog Show 2002 in Amsterdam

We met Paddy and Melba again along with my Dutch friend Tommy at the World Winners Dog Show in Amsterdam. Wow – a whole ring full of Wheatie Beauties! But I was only allowed to watch - and play with my friends, and - boy - did we ever!

The Wheaties in the picture are (left to right): myself, Tommy, Paddy (in the background) and Melba. The people are my mom Roberta, Michaela, Dirk, Meino (Michaela's husband) and Edith from Helmond in Holland, all from the German Wheaten List. Dad's taking the picture.

We got to know Annette and Linus from the German Wheaten List. It was an honor to be photographed with Linus, last year's World Champion. This year's judge doesn't like American coats so Linus didn't have a chance. With my pure Irish locks it should have been my turn and Annette said that I have good angles and would dowell in the ring.

But Daddy and Mummy say, "No modeling". 

At least I got my picture taken by a professional, big bagfuls of goodies and a new bed for the kitchen to replace the one I ate as Gráinne the Puppy Piranha.

We watched a Wheatie perform a flawless round in the agility top class. Mum has decided that this is where my strengths lie: running, jumping, flying. She intends to enroll me in a course this autumn. However, I have to pass an obedience course first and you all know how well Party Girl can sabotage that plot! (see Chapter 4)

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