Chapter 36 
(March 2010):

Everyone loves a Parade

Every year for St. Patrick’s Day we Irish Soft-coated Wheaten Terriers from the Internet Wheaten List put our best paws forward and march in a virtual parade to raise money for Wheatens in Need, our rescue group. This year it was extremely important to rake in a lot of dough, for WIN had just rescued more than a dozen Wheatens from a puppymill, including a whole litter of 5-day-old puppies. Then we vote to see who will be the Grand Marshall and consort.

Daddy submitted our photos and some sweet friends left comments. Mummy wouldn’t let Daddy vote for us, though, because she insisted that Stella – 16 years and 5 months old – deserved the honor more. It would truly be easier for her at that age to be the Grand Marshall waving from a convertible than marching with the rank and file. Stella is my heroine; I want to age gracefully and in good health like she. I‘m glad she won a prize: grand matriarch. Anybody but my bison brother.



Grainne H.

"Leap and bound - up, over, down!"


  • That looks like so much fun, maybe our Mama will take us some day and we can watch you.
    By: Jake Zeke & Lacy.   Posted: Mar. 14, 2010
  • Thanks for introducing me to favorite spectator sport! Hugs and Kisses!By: Auntie Sarabeth.   Posted: Mar. 12, 2010
  • She flies through the air with the greatest of ease...
    By: Ringling Brothers.   Posted: Mar. 11, 2010
  • Wow, you are awesome Grainne! I can tell you're having a great time.
    By: Karen.   Posted: Mar. 10, 2010
  • You are an inspiration to us all, Grainne. Don't let your little brother boss you around.
    By: Sparky's Mom.   Posted: Mar. 9, 2010
  • One can see that you lllloved it - from the smile on your face!
    By: Daddy.   Posted: Mar. 8, 2010





Diarmuid H.

"Dug for oil - found China instead"


  • Having Fun at the Beach in the Sand!!
    By: Katy.   Posted: Mar. 13, 2010
  • I'd know you anywhere, my little wooly bison! Love your energy.
    By: Auntie Sarabeth.   Posted: Mar. 12, 2010
  • How was China? Did you bring us back a souvenir?
    By: Wheatley & Sunny.   Posted: Mar. 11, 2010
  • Keep on digging! I almost got to China once. Hugs, Bowzer
    By: Karen.   Posted: Mar. 10, 2010
  • You are a cutie patootie! You blend in with the sand very well.
    By: Elena.   Posted: Mar. 9, 2010
  • Good grief, you are cute! I bet you get away with murder.
    By: Sparky's Mom.   Posted: Mar. 9, 2010
  • What a sweet little puppy, makes me want another one
    By: Jan M.   Posted: Mar. 8, 2010
  • Well, don't you look pleased with yourself!
    By: Rob.   Posted: Mar. 8, 2010
  • Still: Good job, Diarmuid! Keep on trucking, boy
    By: Dad.   Posted: Mar. 8, 2010


And this is the celebrated Stella, 16 years and 5 months old:



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