Chapter 23
(October 2003):

Golden October in Denmark

The only reason I can think of for sticking your hand in your pocket is to reach the cookies. 
And the only reason I can think of for having cookies in your pocket is to feed GrŠinne.
(With apologies to A. A. Milne and Winnie the Pooh)

October means Denmark and Denmark means BEACH! 

Of course I knew it the moment we turned towards the sea and I began to sing and dance in the back seat

Once we're there my GPS, Global Positioning System, tells me where our cottage is, which dune to leave the beach by, and of course: which cottage has food on the table. No, wait a minute; thatís my nose. 

 Iím allowed to travel without a leash now: from the cottage five minutes through the dunes to the beach and all along the beach. 

One place I have to feign nonchalance or they hook me up: at the end of our road thereís a cottage where they always cook with the door open! Best tactic: trot down the path, la-la-la-la-la, looking in the other direction, then suddenly a quick jerk to the left and - whoosh! - off to their kitchen! 

On the other hand our own kitchen is delivering some mighty fine fare. My new passion is fish.  Daddy makes fish twice a day, all different kinds, and I make sure that I get my share. Mummy picks the bones clean for me after every meal.

We spend two to fours hours a day on the beach. My humans stroll and I encourage them to go a bit faster to get in shape.

 Sometimes I run a little way into the waves but I haven't caught anything yet. I don't have to wear my lemon yellow life jacket this year, because the water is so calm that there is no danger of my being swallowed by a wave. 

Mostly I run a little ahead, checking out the dogs and the chances of a picnic (mostly a fisherman's worms at this time of the year. But there's always the chance of grabbing candy from a baby). 





Most of the canines don't really know how to play,  but I've met two really cool Henrys who respond correctly to a Wheaten Whirl and Butt Bump with a healthy chase.


 In the evening we go back down to the beach  and say good-bye to the sun. Even the dogs are full of awe at the sun's rays on the water. Then Daddy makes fish dinner while Mummy combs my tangled locks. Yes, members of the My Fur Belongs To Me Club, believe it or not, it's worth it. Take your folks to Denmark and you'll see.


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