Chapter 13

TheBullystick Uproar

For my second birthday I got what I love exceptionally much: a biiiig bullystick.
You people don't know what they are made of? Well, it's that part of the bull that makes him an ox if he doesn't have one!
And they are so delicious! However, my announcement on the Wheaten List caused a big uproar, especially among the American members

Original Message:
Date: My second birthday, 22nd November 2001

Warning by the Psychologist General: 
You may have bad dreams after seeing it!


Subject: bully stick time out...
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 09:28:23 EST
From: Gary & Diane Bachman <Gebandlb@AOL.COM>
We agreed not to give Guinness the bully stick (actually its 3 braided together) until we were sure
to be home with him and could supervise his behavior (fears of eating it all non-stop and then getting sick...).

Well I got home earlier than ususal and handed it over for the first time. He was initially cautious andalmost gentle with it. For 30 seconds.

Forty five minutes later when Diane arrived, he only looked up from the floor and although his tail was suddenly whirling away at 100 miles per hour,
he made NO attempt to meet her at the door.  And while his greetings are generally sedate by Wheaten standards, this  isunheard of NOT to get up and meet her at the door!

When called to heel, he picked up his stick and came running to her looking somewhat like a canine (and hairy) impersonation of Winston Churchill
with his ever present cigar grippedfirmly in place. Well that behavior was allowed to last about 10 minutes.

His  access to the stick is now closely rationed. (He was reluctant to respond even to the command of "bring me your toy" and "drop it"
which are phrases strongly associated with play in this house. And this was before wetook it away the first time.

My Dog!  He's a junkie already!!! But then on the positive side,  there's no mess on his beard either...


Thema:   Bully Stick!

Datum: 23.11.2001 01:42:41 (MEZ) Mitteleuropäische Zeit
From: (Ardith and Robert Eamer)

Hi Dere Grainne:
WOW, I would lub to share dat bully stick...reminds me of my masculine accoutrements!  :)

Too bad dat you are so far away. Still, youse is one of me favorite goils!

Lub Casey

Thema:    Re: Me and my bully stick
Datum: 23.11.2001 00:01:46 (MEZ) Mitteleuropäische Zeit
Von: CocoInFtL

Grainne it looks like you are smoking a pipe - dat is a very long one.  
Me ma said dat I can't have dat but I had some noodles tonight and I even sat for them.  WOW.


Thema:    Re: Me and my bully stick
Datum: 23.11.2001 04:57:47 (MEZ) Mitteleuropäische Zeit
From: (aplowes)

Hey Grainne dear, I reckon you need help with that HUGE bully stick!
How about I start chewing on the other end?!


Thema:    Re: Me and my bully stick
Datum: 23.11.2001 07:20:22 (MEZ) Mitteleuropäische Zeit
From: (Edith Bovers)

Hey Grainne, you're gonna be chewing on that thing forever! Need some help?


I'm on my way if they let me ;) !!

Thema:    Re: Me and my bully stick
Datum: 23.11.2001 07:44:16 (MEZ) Mitteleuropäische Zeit
Von: Soobee56

 42 inches, Grainne? How do they make them that long?!
Can mom ship some to the States? I'd certainly buy a few - Piper would think she died and went to heaven!!!

Glad you had such a wonderful second birthday. You are such a cutie-pie!!!

Sue B & Piper
Coloraod, USA

Thema:  Me and my bully stick
Datum: 23.11.2001 08:00:30 (MEZ) Mitteleuropäische Zeit
Von: SusanSP1

 Dear Grainne,
Fey is having "Bully Stick Envy" because I only let her have the short ones right now (either Lamb or the Bull, cut in 5 inch lengths) .... She looks forward to HER birthday when she can lord over the three cats with a big stick.... "Bark softly and chew a big billy stick"

Happy Birthday Grainne !!!

Thema: Me and my bully stick
Datum: 23.11.2001 13:25:44 (MEZ) Mitteleuropäische Zeit
From: (aplowes)

Thanks sweet Grainne, and I will share my dried tendons with you too.
Have you ever had one of those? They are YUMMY!

Lots of wheatie kisses,
Your Liam.

 Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 17:10:29 EST
From: Gary & Diane Bachman <Gebandlb@AOL.COM>
Subject: Re: Grainne's Birthday Bully Stick

I grew up in the cattle business.
My dad and grandfather were honest to goodness cowboys.
I remember some of my grandfather's contemporaries had "walking sticks" made from what you all now refer to as bully sticks.
(pretty gross to this 9 year old kid!!!) 


Thema: Me and my bully stick
Datum: 23.11.2001 17:12:12 (MEZ) Mitteleuropäische Zeit
Von: OBairdXXXX

Grainne! The length of your Birthday Bully Stick is totally unbelievable!!
Patsy and Marley saw your picture and swore that they will never, ever settle for the little 6" ones they get! Both are green with envy.
Patsy is even contemplating a flight to Germany to stock up!

You are a real cutie...thanks for the picture...and enjoy being two!

Bobbi, Patsy and Marley
Burke, VA 

Thema:    Re: Me and my bully stick
Datum: 23.11.2001 18:16:20 (MEZ) Mitteleuropäische Zeit

Oh Grainne... I can't wait to get to Germany so that I can have a Bully Stick that long.
Mine are only about 12 inches. I hope you had a Happy Birthday and maybe someday soon we can meet and play....

Licks & Leaps...

Thema:    Re: Grainne's Birthday Bully Stick
Datum: 24.11.2001 04:42:29 (MEZ) Mitteleuropäische Zeit
Von: Gebandlb

O.K., lemme guess. Either that's a big bully stick or you have successfully crossed your Wheaten with a bull frog.
Wow, what a tongue!!!

Subject: Re: Grainne's Birthday Bully Stick
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 22:30:01 +0000
From: Rob Horgan <rjhsiobhan@ATT.NET>
I'd hate to run into the bull that produced that thing!!  LOL!!

Rob (feeling slightly inadequate), Siobhan, & Rory
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Subject: Grainne's Birthday Bully Sticks
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 18:09:24 -0500
From: John Collard <jgtb.collard@SYMPATICO.CA>
Never mind the bull. 
How'd you like to be one of the poor cows in the pasture. 
No wonder their eyes stick out so much.

Gwen Collard (OK.. that was over the wall, but I couldn't resist.)

Subject: Re: 42 inch bully stick + Yer-Pee-In COWS : )
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 18:48:38 -0400
From: Ginny Dunbar

Gudeve to ALL in Wheatendom!

OMeOMy...O! GOODGRIEFNO!!!!!!! Absolutely disgusting!
I, well...I... just NEVER could.


  It's Deelitefull
  Looks Deelishus
 I'm DeeLeeryus !!!

CanaGin UEA President "Boover"

PSsssT!  How do they compare w/undees, Grainne?
R'nt U REALLY glad that Yer-Pee-In COWS don't fly ???
A VERY HAPPY B-Lated B-Day, Sweet Grainne! We C that U HAD a VERY GUDtime! 

Subject: Re: Bully Sticks!
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 06:51:26 EST
From: Melissa Nelson <Ste727@AOL.COM>
Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think they are called "macho sticks" at  SitStay. 
Snickers and Molly are like Casey - they will not eat ANY gourmet dog treats, and they were mesmerized by these bully sticks. 
They loved them!  They are all natural, no preservatives, and when the dogs were chewing on their very first ones, they only lifted their heads
and looked at the door when someone rang the doorbell, then went back to chewing.  A first in this household!

Melissa, Steve, Molly and Snickers in Miami, Florida

Oh, Gráinne,
I wanted to say that my email spell-checker suggested 'ballistic' instead of 'bullystick'.
That's certainly some kind of missile! But don't tell Uncle George!

Uncle Phil


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